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Financial Incentive Program Management

Performing energy efficiency upgrades to your commercial building? WAIT.

Call us before upgrading your commercial building, and you may qualify for thousands of dollars in financial incentives under the following programs: Grasshopper Energy manages various financial incentive programs for your commercial energy efficiency upgrades project. And here’s the best part: our services don’t cost a dime. Our charge is a small percentage of the financial incentive you receive.

Sample Case Study

From the BOMA Toronto CDM program alone:
Total Project Cost: $26,274
CDM Incentive: -$6,160
Incentive Rate (%): 23% of total project cost
Annual Consumption Savings (kWh): 98,947
Annual Electricity Cost Savings: $10,884
Simple Payback (Yrs): 2.4
Simple Payback (With BOMA Incentive) (Yrs): 1.8

Examples of Eligible Measures

Building Automation Systems, Lighting Retrofits, Lighting Controls, Building Envelope, HVAC Redesign, Chiller Replacement, Elevator Modernization, Equipment Replacement, Fuel Substitution, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Tenant Sub-Metering, Deep Lake Water Cooling, Variable Speed Drives, Power Conditioning, Transformer Replacement.


Different buildings are eligible for different incentives. Contact us for the programs that apply to your building’s location and size.

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Applies to...
owners and managers of existing office buildings and complexes, retail buildings, mixed use buildings, hotels and other commercial buildings in Ontario.