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Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades can cut thousands of dollars off your building’s utility bill – and improve the longevity of the building and health of its tenants.

Grasshopper Energy performs commercial energy assessments to locate where you can save money by making cost-efficient building upgrades – as well as connect you to local and national financial incentives.

And here’s the best part: our services don’t cost a dime. Our charge is a small percentage of the financial incentive you receive.

Sample Case Study

From the BOMA Toronto CDM program alone:
Total Project Cost: $26,274
CDM Incentive: -$6,160
Incentive Rate (%): 23% of total project cost
Annual Consumption Savings (kWh): 98,947
Annual Electricity Cost Savings: $10,884
Simple Payback (Yrs): 2.4
Simple Payback (With BOMA Incentive) (Yrs): 1.8

Next Step:

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  2. Contact us for all the incentives that apply to your building: 1.866.908.3150
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Applies to...
owners and managers of existing office buildings and complexes, retail buildings, mixed use buildings, hotels and other commercial buildings in Ontario.